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The EL Zone System is an exposure mapping tool developed by Ed Lachman, ASC. Its goal is to create a standardization in measuring exposure across all camera manufacturers and post facilities. It is currently in Panasonic and Sigma cameras, and in SmallHD monitors, with serious discussions ongoing with Arri, Sony, Red, Blackmagic, Canon and Fuji.

The question of greater latitude in future sensors:

There is no problem in extending the exposure range in the EL Zone System in stops for ARRI Alexa 35, Red Raptor/Komodo, Sony Venice 2 or for any other camera manufacturer for in-camera representation or when using a SmallHD monitor.


The whole concept and design of the EL Zone System is for cinematographers in the field to measure the values of light in stops by distinguishing contrast and exposure. In the areas of the over- and under-exposure, it institutes a system that represents the amount of stops that would hold detail in the over or under areas in a color mapping overlay of the whole frame. This differentiates the EL Zone System from a waveform monitor or false color which i not based on stops but on IRE that's a linear measurement and that is not logarithmic. The EL Zone System will always recognize whatever the latitude of the sensor is that it is representing.

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